About us

Our Mission – to save people from boring awareness training

Where it all began

Armed only with an idea, some camera gear and a few actors waiting on the ground in Nairobi, we set out to create what was to become the most engaging security eLearning experience ever.

Years later we continue our pursuit to become the go to security awareness provider, that you will be proud of to bring to your company.

Our dream team of awareness innovators


CEO & Chief Awareness Strategist

Heimo combines four capabilities that together make him unique in the field of security awareness training: he’s an accomplished security professional, a training expert, a film producer and a specialist in learning management technology. It’s Heimo’s passion for innovation and problem-solving that drives us forward and maintains our leadership in the market.


Chief Operations Officer

Miglė is our SAME Solutions' Operations magician. She combines a background in project management, art management and a simply fascinating ability for organisation! Migle is doing her best effort to implement SAME’s tailored training content within companies to achieve the awareness, behavioural and cultural change objectives.


Head of Video Production

From storyboarding and shot-listing to filming and editing, Sahil is an award-winning filmmaker who breathes life into SAME’s training vision and immerses the learner into real life scenarios. Having been involved in storytelling since childhood, his passion is to convey stories that connect with people in ways that seem impossible.


Security Expert

Never enough of Security expertise! With his academic and military background, Dan fully supports our team in all the module development stages and makes sure that we provide the most relevant security advice.


Relationship Director & Legal Counsel

Chris is responsible for raising awareness of our game-changing solutions as well as managing SAME's legal matters. She believes passionately in two things: world-class training and exceeding customer expectations. After establishing initial contact, Chris is the one to guide the clients through our on-boarding process, ensuring that we deliver the perfect solution.


Senior Video Editor

A prodigy of digital video and image production, Emilija is in charge of making security scenarios come to life with her beautiful visual artistry. She brings her wealth of life experience to every project, and her biology degree, love of Scandinavia and extensive history of tree climbing always come in handy for crafting the perfect image or punchiest video.


Project Manager

Is there any project Laura can’t manage? We haven’t found one yet! As our main master of management, Laura is in charge of ensuring all our projects run smoothly and all stakeholders are happy. Need travel advice, a graphic novel recommendation, an answer to a pop culture question, or some good hip hop music? Laura’s got you covered.


Marketing and Social Media Specialist

Combining communication and art backgrounds, Yara is driving SAME’s brand presence with her copywriting and design skills and makes sure security awareness content is spread across our clients. Her only problem is bulk registering for events and then attending none, but she is going to therapy with this one.


Technology Lead

Simona is our Head of Technology, who made reading this text possible. She brings a wealth of skills to the SAME Solutions team and improves the way we deliver content. All our resolved tech struggles and up-to-date security measures are happening thanks to Simona!


Videographer and Editor

Another snowboarder. Jokes aside, Valerijus is the person who brings all of our operations and creative teams’ crazy ideas to life – or, better, to video. Being involved with videography since childhood, Valerijus started working with us as a freelancer, and we just could not let go of such a talented person, so now he is an inseparable part of our production team.


Storyline developer

How Andriy says, “my job is fixing everything that doesn’t work”. He is a skilled developer, who works closely with Operations team and ensures our learning modules are to the highest standard of engagement and interactivity. Andriy’s academic background is in arts, and combined with his interest in coding and STEM, he got the perfect set of skills to be a pro in his field.


Instructional Designer

Our Ops team is her orchestra, and she is its conductor. Nathalie is a skilled instructional designer, who gathers all our scenario ideas and transforms them into fully-fledged modules! If only you could see those mind maps. She is also the one to make sure our learning experience stays most engaging for anyone!