About us

Our Mission – to save people from boring awareness training

Where it all began

Armed only with an idea, some camera gear and a few actors waiting on the ground in Nairobi, we set out to create what was to become the most engaging travel security eLearning experience ever.

Years later we continue our pursuit to become the go to security awareness provider, that you will be proud of to bring to your company.

Our dream team of awareness innovators


CEO & Chief Awareness Strategist

Heimo combines four capabilities that together make him unique in the field of security awareness training: he’s an accomplished security professional, a training expert, a film producer and a specialist in learning management technology. It’s Heimo’s passion for innovation and finding solutions to problems that drives us forward and keeps our programs on the cutting-edge of the market.


COO & Head of Storytelling

Working around the globe as a security expert, Joe has provided advice to countless individuals and organizations in places such as Yemen, Pakistan, Mali, Colombia and many more. Joe has a wealth of stories and his skill is telling them, making them the best lessons for your travellers to improve their awareness, knowledge and confidence. Also check out his awesome book.


Head of Video Production

From storyboarding and shot-listing to filming and editing, Sahil is an award-winning filmmaker who breathes life into SAME’s training vision and transports the learner into real life scenarios. Having been involved in storytelling since he was a child, his passion is to convey stories that connect with people and make them empathize in ways they never thought they could.


Technology Lead

Simona is our Head of Technology, which means she gets things done! Simona brings a wealth of skills to the SAME Solutions team whether she is managing the video creation process or conducting research and development to continually improve the way we deliver content.


Head of Operations

Miglė Širvydaitė is SAME Solutions‘ brilliant Head of Operations. Miglė combines a background in project management, art management and well... a simply unparalelled ability for organisation! She will be an invaluable partner to you in the implementation of SAME‘s tailored training content within your company, so that you are able to achieve the awareness, behavioural and cultural change objectives that you‘re aiming to achieve.


Accounts Manager & Legal Counsel

Responsible for raising awareness of our game-changing solutions as well as managing SAME's legal compliance, contracts and other legal matters. She believes passionately in two things: world-class training and exceeding customer expectations. After establishing initial contact, she will work with you closely to understand your requirements and guide you through our process, ensuring that we deliver you the perfect solution as well as managing the contract process to ensure a smooth and timely on-boarding process.