Where it all began…

Armed only with an idea, some camera gear and a few actors waiting on the ground in Nairobi, we set out to create what was to become the most engaging travel security eLearning experience ever.

3 years later we continue our pursuit to be the best, most innovative physical security awareness provider in the world…

What we do

We plan, design and implement customized security training programs that effectively raise awareness and drive measurable behavioral change. All with one promise: to make YOU and your COMPANY  our success story.

OK, that sounds quite complex… Let’s try and explain it more simply… Have you ever bought a really awesome suit and got it tailored so that it fits you perfectly? A suit that makes you look like a champion? Well, we do pretty much the same with our training.

We’ve Been Around

Our team has spent time on the ground handling corporate security in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. We’ve trained people to be aware of physical security threats and risks. We know the challenges, first hand.


What we provide is a service that fills all the gaps we had to face. So that you don’t have to.



the best solutions from learning & development, behavioral science, digital marketing and cyber security


award-winning interactive video content that fully engages the target audience with clear and accessible information


our training content to your awareness program so it fits in seamlessly, making each rollout a success

The result? A heightened awareness of physical security, measurable in real behavioral change.

If you look at the results, without a doubt, this travel security training package has been the most successful training package that OMV has ever done.

Paul W.
OMV Group Security Risk & Governance

Unique and engaging approach. The Mars, Incorporated “Travel Aware” programme has been a great success in helping our associates travel safely. Thanks team for your ongoing support.

Nigel P.
Mars, Inc. Global Security


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