omv case study

OMV Group is one of the largest industrial companies in Austria, producing and marketing oil and gas, in a responsible way. By using innovative and high-end petrochemical solutions, the Group accrued sales of sixty-two million USD in 2022 and has a workforce of around 23k employees.

The challenge

Being competitive in the oil & gas industry means doing business in countries that are considered high-risk. OMV cares deeply for the safety of its employees, as well as the ethical, legal and reputational implications of sending business travellers around the globe. So managing security risk is something they have become excellent at.

OMV understood early on that its people are part of the company’s security system as well, that everyone is safer when travellers are streetwise, aware, and know what to do and who to call in case of an incident.

To further improve OMV’s already comprehensive training program, Group Security identified the need for a training solution that could be rolled out to all its business travellers. The Security Team wanted to make the training their own, fully integrated with OMV’s travel management program.

They wanted the latest learning technologies and they wanted the support to roll out process and ensure maximum impact. In a nutshell, they wanted to create a best in class travel security awareness experience, something that was OMV’s and that they would be proud of.

The solution

This is where SAME enters the picture.

We enjoyed discussing what we could do with OMV, truly understanding the need first, to find the best possible solution.

With our team’s skills, the latest eLearning software and recent developments in learning and development, we were able to find the right blend of cutting-edge technology and storytelling to keep learners interested and eager to learn as much as they can.

We integrated a brief video of the CEO to show how important security is to the whole company

Content was designed to cover the needs of standard business travellers and fully integrates with OMV’s travel risk management program

We used a combination of high quality videos, custom interactions and interactive activities to keep learners engaged

The interactive scenarios allow learners to make decisions, see the consequences and experience real-world situations safely

As well as being fun and engaging, the final product made OMV learners feel as though they were there, in the scenarios they may face when travelling. This feeling is invaluable to achieving positive behaviour change.

The key was delivering all this simply and easily. Without the right know-how, the whole training development process can be time-consuming and overwhelming. With clear and simple project management SAME took much of that stress away from OMV’s security team.

By combining our unique subject matter experience in security, training and technology, we make projects like this seamless. This is what you get from a smaller provider, bespoke service that is devoted to the customer.


The outcome

OMV got great feedback from its users, they loved the training. Without any enforcement, the participation rate was over 50% of its business travellers in the first few weeks. Just under 1,300 travellers completed the training in the first month, including all four board members.

The in-house learning and development team leveraged the Travel Aware success story to gain additional budget for organizational learning.

Business travellers participation rate in the first few weeks
Travellers completed the training in the first month, including all 4 board members
Success Story
Leveraged by the inhouse L&D team to gain additional budget for organizational learning